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Apple & Blueberry Crumble

The sunshine might not always appear from behind the clouds as often as we want but you can tell from the rise in the humidity that summer is well and truly on its way. With that comes brighter mornings, longer evenings, holidays, picnics and BBQ at the weekends are just a few of the things to look forward too in the coming coming weeks.

Of course, my favorite part of summer is the abundance of fresh food that is available. We’re lucky enough that most of our favorite food is available all year round because suppliers import it from other countries. But there’s something special about fresh Irish produce coming into season such as ripened Wexford strawberries and succulent Irish lamb that makes food come alive at this time of year when compared to the mutant fruit and veg that is stocked in most shops during the winter.

Summer is definitely a great time to experiment with new food and try new recipes because the chances are more time is spent socializing with friends and family, going to restaurants and eating out while on holiday. I am always in search for new ways to cook food, how to improve my cooking and how to fit it in on a daily basis.

This weekend is gearing up to be a cracker according to the forecast. If so, me and my girlfriend are going to go to Dublin Zoo on Sunday and then have a picnic in the Phoenix Park in the afternoon. We want to keep the food relatively healthy and balanced but at the same time want to enjoy it too.

A crumble with apples & blueberries is a classic dish and a flavor combination that’s hard not to enjoy. Even though both fruits are worthy contenders of their own place in the spotlight – they combine together seamlessly.  Having been craving a crumble for some time now I have decided to make my own version that doesn’t include any additives or require any baking. There is a tiny amount of cooking to this but nothing compared to an actual crumble pie. Most of all it tastes great and can be made in small Tupperware boxes to enjoy on the go.

This recipe is still a work in progress and the aim I’m hoping is to somehow make the crumble less of a granola and more along the lines of a biscuit base. Until then this will do just fine.

Feel free to play around with this and let me know if there are any tips or ways to improve.

Have a good one,


File 24-05-2017, 12 28 21
the crumble base is made with golden linseed & oats toasted in a dry pan


200ml of cold water

1 Punnet of blueberries

1 Green apple

1 t-spoon cinnamon

200g Greek Yogurt

25g Golden linseed

12.5g Oats

How to make

Toast the linseed and oats in a dry pan on a low heat until golden brown and the oats have softened. Allow to cool.

Dice the apple and mix it with the cinnamon and place into a dry pan on a low heat and cook it for a few minutes (The purpose of this is to allow the spice to toast and the release the flavor) then add in 100ml of the water and allow to cook until the water has evaporated and the apple is translucent. Remove and allow to cool.

Put the blueberries and the remaining 100m of water into a pan and cook low until they become soft and jam like.

Once all of this is done then all that is left to combine everything together.





Stronger than before #1 press reset

This time three weeks ago we swam in the Caribbean and drank like pirates. At the same time soaking up all of the sunshine that we could get.

Mexico was more than just a holiday. It was a D-load from life that allowed both my girlfriend and I to take a step back from reality and really appreciate a moment in time that we know will standout forever as paradise.

I had every intention of hitting the gym out there, but because it didn’t open until later in the day nothing ever developed and resulted in falling off the wagon (resuming old habits that involves indulging on anything not nailed down).

Since returning home the holiday continued as we hit up our favourite pizza and burger joints across Dublin (more on these in the future I promise) followed by a BBQ in the countryside over the weekend.

I have gained at least a stone in the last 3-4 weeks having just stepped back on the scales on Monday morning.

It is time to pickup the pieces and get back on track with the gym, food, study, work, life which is cool because I enjoy doing what I do. 

Falling off the wagon went on for longer than expected but it was totally worth it having gotten loads out of my system.

Although physically I may be below par, mentally I have comeback feeling stronger than before. I kept my finger on the reset button for just a little longer which I know will help me get in shape over the next couple of weeks.

During my time away I did keep my ear to the ground and researched a lot of training routines online which would suit my goal of shedding pounds and gaining muscle. In addition, something that was manageable and flexible that would allow for an easy transition so as not to become to overwhelmed. [Settled for Rob Lipsetts L/P/P routine which involves a combination of compound and isolated workouts for the special process of €9.99] Bargin!!

I recalculated my macros to give me more control of food portions and help plan meals for the week along with a huge food shop and a trip to the butchers.

All of this ensures that when the time came I was ready to hit the gym and with a bang.

Having everything ready to go we smashed a decent leg and core session in Flyefit Coolock on Monday evening. With temperatures of 30℃ in Dublin throughout the week it would be a shame not to do some cardio outside.



Thank you and stay tuned,


Staying sharp without cutting a hole in your pocket #1 Final piece of the puzzle

If your in college and not broke are you really a student??Two years into a business degree with two years to go and although the dust has been gathering on the debit card life is not all that bad in terms of still being able to live and buy nice things.

It’s just a matter of being smarter with the cash and spending on what you need rather out of excess and more importantly what same items you can recycle to make a new outfit.

I love new clothes, mostly because they make me feel good and I like to dress nice for special occasions.

However, like many others I do not have the luxury of new threads on a regular basis because of the financial situation (of being a student).

So, in order to keep the reading short and snappy I will compile a list of different outfits and where to buy them etc. rather than one big entire list.

The main thing I try to stay consistent on is the basics with a split of about 80/20. In other words, 80% of what I buy is relatively cheap and in large quantities most of the time, with 20% being more high end and in smaller quantities less frequently.

The outfit about cost just over €50. Yes, that is a good amount to spend but I didn’t buy it all at once and I can rotate each piece of clothing with another and wear them again at a later stage.

The shoes and the shirt I bought for a recent holiday, the top I have from 2 or 3 years ago and the jeans being the most recent purchase completed the look.

The occasion – outdoor family BBQ/Birthday party in mid July in the Irish country side can be unpredictable in terms of rainfall. So I put this outfit together that looks like there was some effort put into it but is still comes across as being effortless and chilled out. 

More importantly it is light enough to be comfortable for a day of eating and drinks and because of the the layers I stayed warm as the night went on and became cooler.

I finished the outfit with a watch from Daniel Wellington (Christmas present) that has a gold exterior, brown strap and white face along with a brown belt in order to bring it all together. 

The shirt does not have a traditional collar (which I love in terms of fit and comfort) so it just peaks out above the top, the same goes for the cuffs just sticking out and rolled back and pulled up to quarter arm length. Rolling up the jeans to the ankle to give off a more summer vibe.

Shoes €10 – Penneys

Shirt €22 – H&M

Top €11 – Penneys

Jeans €13 – Penneys

[Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post, all of the clothes I purchased myself with my own earnings. I do not have any endorsements or affiliations with any of the brands, this is just my own twist on how style for less].