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The Ultimate Sub

Apologies for the poor picture quality – first world problems my phone broke and was using an ipod camera which is tiny.

This happened back in March when I was hungover. It was around Paddy’s day and it was my girlfriends birthday so we ended up (well at least I did) going well over my limit. Anyway, I had an idea for an ultimate sub for a while but couldn’t justify calories until I woke up and realized I needed a curer. Normally pizza is my go to if I had a couple of drinks but I decided against it that day mostly because I just wanted an epic sambo for a change. So instead, straight down to Supervalue because they make the best rolls and a few other essentials that are listed below. Not a lot of ingredients go into this, just the sheer size of it alone requires more attention than usual.



1 Sub roll. Supervalue is your best option for it

2 chicken breasts cooked in Gymchef Cajun spice

5 smoked streaky bacon

Slow roasted peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes.



Homemade garlic mayonnaise

Dijon mustard

Franks hot sauce or Piri Piri (optional)


Being hungover I wasn’t bothered with the cooking aspect so I threw everything onto the George Foreman until lit was cooked. Use two forks to pull the chicken apart, this makes it easier to eat because the roll itself is a tough Mother to tackle, so do yourself a favor and shred the chicken. Mix in a tablespoon of Hot Sauce, Piri Piri, or BBQ if using.

The garlic Mayonnaise I had made previously but it’s simple – Crushed garlic, mayonnaise and a drop of water to thin it out.

Heat the roll – ” just a little”  in the oven  and then load that bad boy up. Doesn’t matter in hat order just get it all in and Mustard the top.


Next time you’ve had one to many and decide you don’t want pizza or takeaway give this one a go – it hits the spot 10 times over just try not to make it a habit 😉