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Training & Nutrition: finding a way that works

FACT: the weight I gained did not happen overnight. It slowly built up overtime. Therefore, loosing it in a sustainable and measurable way was the only way I could loose it IF I wanted to keep it off.

Suddenly overhauling a routine overnight isn’t really going to last more than a month. Eventually the old habits begin to creep in again as “change” becomes to overwhelming and will power becomes diminished. In my case I mentioned in the previous post about how busy the start of the year was going to be with an intership on top of an already busy workload.

The devil in the detail

How can I make small (positive) changes and adjustments overtime so that they become habits? The answer lies within the question. By making small changes one step at a time!! In my mind I could see the end result – how I wanted to feel, how I wanted to look and who I wanted to be. The issue was really figuring out the best possible way of getting from point A to point B that actually worked. For two years I have gone through this process of visualisation, starting a journey, loosing focus and then falling off just as I get some headway. I wasn’t fully committed and the reason for not being fully committed was because I was making to many changes at the same time. Overtime the whole thing just become too much to handle.

This time it’s going to be different

Because this time I knew that the mistakes I made in the past will serve as a lesson for the future. To cut the weight I knew that fundamentally I needed to eat less junk and move more. This is the starting point or laying the foundation so to speak. Before the diets, counting macros, training splits, finding a coach and everything else in between. The main focus for the time being is cutting out junk food and start eating healthier. Sounds simple right? And it can be, although “change” is something that we all want to resist because it takes many of us out of our comfort zones. The devil you know and all of that.

How did I eat healthier? I began by buying fresh food in abundance. Meats, fish, eggs, fruit and vegtables. Cooked the majority of my meals using fresh ingredients and aim to eat 3 sold meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with a snack in between if needed. This, combined with 4 days at the gym lifting weights and cardio was more than enough to get the ball rolling and see how I would respond. If anything, for the sake of 15 weeks it would give me a good opportunity to play around with food/recipes, research methods and comfortably adapt.

One of the great things about cooking meals was that it allowed me to plan the week ahead. With a fulltime internship and a part-time job I had to make the most of my time in the kitchen in order to avoid making the wrong food choices throughout the day. It worked out quite well actually. The internship was Mon – Thursday 9-5:30 and then working shifts Friday, Saturday “or” Sunday. That was the routine for the next 15 weeks so knowing in advance the weeks ahead really allowed me to plan effectively.

Small changes, one step at a time and nothing to drastic at once or else risk the whole thing crumbling down. A lot of what I was doing at the beginning was very rigid. However, it was the rigidity of the process that would allow me to add variety and then see how things evolve.

Now that I had found a way that worked all I really had to do now was show up and perform.

Returning from a short hiatus bruised but stronger than before

It was never intended to stop writing and adding to this blog once the college semester began again. But just like any other human being the world got away from me and I had never actually anticipated how busy… busy… busy the previous 15+ weeks where going to be until it was to deep to climb out.

Every waking minute available was spent on researching for assignments or preparing to give a presentation, by the end of the day sitting down and having to type out recipes did not seem very appealing. 

Lots has happened in since October and yet nothing has happened. All of my time, resources and energy had gone into getting through this semester and finally reaching this moment right now – exams finished!! 

This moment is quite an eye opener – mentally exhausted and burned out but also feeling a sense relief knowing that the goal has been achieved yet, strangely enough ready to start again asap.

Starting again does not mean diving head-first into the books but rather getting back to the gym, running, cooking, writing and starting a new venture as an intern.

November/December between birthdays and Christmas it is no surprise having NOT been to the gym since October, extra weight has gathered around certain areas that needs to be shifted. Getting back into a routine will not happen overnight, however laying the foundations have already begun with evening runs during the week, stocking up on healthy foods and planning meals in advance – small changes over time lead to bigger outcomes.

Being away from something really lends a perspective. One of the main benefits of exercise and eating healthy is how it effects your mental health – which is so important as there is a tendency to get bogged down and judgements becoming all to clouded during periods of academic inducuced stress.

Having been out for a run the last few nights has reminded me of how unbelievably satisfying it is to throw on your headphones on block the world away and live in the moment. This certainly would have been advantageous during college as the pressure encouraged the fog to settle on my brain more often than not… but a few extra hours of sleep (when your a student in that mind set) trump’s all.

Either way what’s done is done, goals where achieved, lessons had been learned and although returning from this short hiatus a little bruised, definitely stronger than before.

Stronger than before #4 feel the burn

[Photo source: the journal.ie]

That moment when the pre workout kicks in ⤴ 

All jokes aside everyone in the local community is devastated this has happened to Flyefit Coolock.

Located in an industrial estate in a rough borough of north Dublin this 24/7 gym was something to be proud of in terms of new businesses opening in the vicinity, creating a positive atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

I was a member in Flyefit before yhe Coolock branch opened. I travelled into the city (Macken Street) in the early hours before college or work to beat the morning rush.

Anyway – for the two months Coolock was up and running it was busy but it was a huge warehouse with plenty of equipment. Until (as the reports suggested) somebody drove a car right smack bang into the front door, poured petrol and set it on fire.

Fortunately nobody was hurt as it happened in the very early hours of the morning. 

Unfortunately for now, many people including myself have to travel roughly 30 minutes by car to another branch in order to workout.

Although the 30 minute commute sucks, it’s not the worst part of having to travel to another branch. 

Gyms located in the city centre are always packed, therefore getting in early (5:30am) in order to get a machine, weights or treadmill is a must. 

You can forget about going between 5pm-7pm unless you have a class booked or willing to ignore the que of tight spandex and nipples glaring at you to hurry up.

My routine, although only more than two weeks old has been interrupted. Instead of heading home after a morning session to get food ready etc. it means that I have to lug around an extra bag of clothes and lunchboxes (the tupp life isn’t for all of us)  for the day ahead.

But whatever about that. It’s been a week since “our” gym was taken away from the community and I genuinely miss the convenience of having a gym on my doorstep. Get in, get done, feel the burn, go home.

You only really appreciate what you have until it has been taken away. 

Hopefully last week’s incident does not deter the owners from reopening, sooner rather than later is the general consensus.

At a glance, it seems like a lot of damage and with no sign of renovations being mentioned for anytime soon the wait goes on.

Stronger than before #3 no secret formula

Hard work and good nutrition. For me thats all that’s too it. I’m not a PT with any qualifications of the sort.

The only experience I have is a background cooking in a professional kitchen combined with an interest in staying fit and active.

I tend not to follow fad diets like paleo or vegan and remain open to every kind of food. The main thing for me is to hit my daily protein, carbohydrates, fats while also being flexible enough to enjoy something nice too.

When it comes to information regarding diets, training and nutrition I usually try and find sources from those in the fitness industry that have been academically approved (Rather than some celebrity toe rag opinion who’s only interested in the money and fame).

Although the information obtained from books and online is very valuable YouTube and podcasts are also aslo great ways to learn more and pick up new ideas. 

No fancy supplements, fat burners or weight gains. Just solid consistent graft with a healthy balanced diet, keeping everything in moderation which suits my lifestyle and level of activity.

In addition, remembering that it’s not a one size fits all,vat times programs and food intake need to be individually tailored is important in order to be flexible.

Simplicity is key in order for me to stay on track with nutrition. Training and eating real food should improve a persons life, not become a hindrance. 

Personally I find when my activity levels decline my sleep, mood, appetite, motivation all go to shite. So I try to keep it consistent which means keeping it simple and not getting to caught up in the finer details. 

As the saying goes – trust the process.