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5 Days – 5 Meals: Spicebox

Portion sizes to tailored for all needs – Cut v Bulk, Male v Female, Low carb v High carb

Difficulty: easy
Cooking time: 20 mins

Serves: 2

Nutritional info (based on 1 person)
Small Large
Calories: 466 784
Carbs: 28 60
Fats: 7 25
Protein: 70 72

1 Spice Box
100g Carrots
2 Chicken breasts (165g each)
150g strong roots (large portion only)

10ml sesame or coconut oil (large portion only)
85g Mayflower curry powder
1 onion
1 pepper
125g mushrooms
1 pack of tender-stem broccoli

1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 5 or 190 degrees Celsius and boil the kettle.
-if having additional strong roots, put them into the oven asap!

2. Slice the carrots using a mandolin and then finely slice into strips.

3. Chop up the vegetables except for the broccoli, put that to one side for now.

4. When the kettle is boiled, place the broccoli into a colander in the sink and pour over the boiling water. This just takes the bite of them before going into the oven.

5. In a large tray, empty the contents of the spice box and add in all of the vegetables and the two chicken fillets. Lightly season they tray with salt & pepper and place in the oven uncovered for approx. 20 minutes until the chicken is cooked.

6. In a small pot, measure out the curry sauce as explained on the box. 85g mixed with 270ml of water and gently simmer until it thickens.

7. When all is cooked, divide the tray between 2 plates and pour over the curry sauce too.

8. Don’t forget the extra fries, and the sesame oil can be drizzled over the top now too.