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Sun’s Out, Smoothies Out

No mucking around here with this one so ill be brief – on the rare occasion when we get sun in Ireland everyone takes advantage when they can by heading outdoors, leaving work early or having a BBQ in the backyard or at the beach. Last week was great with temperatures exceeding 25 degree Celsius. This week hasn’t even come close as rain fell all throughout the weekend. But feat not, the sun will be back and when it does arrive be sure to take full advantage and get the smoothies out.

On hot sweltering day I wanted something refreshing and filling st the same time, hence why the choice of ingredients. The best way to describe the flavor is it resembles that of a brunch ice-cream. I wonder if they still make them??

To make this you will need:

200g quark cheese

100ml unsweetened almond milk

1/2 scoop (15-20g) of vanilla whey protein

50g strawberries

1 banana


For the toppings I used 1 square of 85% dark chocolate and 2 cookies because you know – treat yo self!!

Happy eating,



Protein Bowl -Perfect Sunday Brunch

What more can I say. Perfect for brunch on the weekend after a morning at the gym. Turkey Burger, Eggs & Pulled Pork are all from Kerrgians in Malahide. The pulled pork is by RibWorld and comes vacuum packed, roughly 300g in weight and is quite lean for pork which is usually quite fatty. The quantities/ portion size may vary depending on your needs.

Hope you enjoy.



Spinach & Mixed leaves

Cherry Tomatoes


Spring Onions


Lemon Juice

Turkey Burger

Pulled Pork


Chilli Powder

Mini Tortillas (Optional)

Toasted  Flaked Almonds (Optional)

Salsa (Optional)

Cheese of any variety – (Optional) Parmesan, Cottage Cheese or Feta are always a good choice.


First things first, the pork will take approx 30 minutes to cook so get that into the oven asap!

Prepare the vegetables – for the carrots, if you have a mandolin then slice them into strips. If this is too much hassle then I suggest buying the curly carrots in either Aldi or Tesco. Moving on, slice everything up either chunky or thin whatever your preference may be. Put the veg into a bowl with some (1/2 tspoon) of chilli powder, salt & pepper and the juice of one lemon. Give it a good mix, add in the leaves and put aside for now.

Boil water in small pan/pot.

Cook the Turkey Burger – under the grill, on a pan, George Foreman whichever suits.

If you’re having tortillas I sprinkle them with chilli powder and usually just toast them on a dry pan or on the George Foreman.

Check on the pork, when it is ready take it, drain the liquid, throw away the packet out and pull it apart gently with two forks. Pour over the sachet of BBQ sauce, mix and back into the over for 5-10 minutes.

Meanwhile turn the boiling water down to a simmer. Crack the egg into a cup because it makes it easier to pour into the pan. (cracking the egg directly into the pan takes a bit of practice) Let this poach until the pork is ready to come back out.

By now if the Burger is ready you can slice it up and begin to put the salad into a bowl, followed by the Pulled Pork and the poached Egg along with any other options you choose.

Brunch on the weekend doesn’t come any easier than this and perfect if you have to cook for more than one or two as there is plenty of Pulled Pork to go around.

Happy Cooking