Nandos @ Home

A few words
Hands down the nicest dinner I’ve had in a long time. The variations are endless depends on your own taste – make it at home for half the cost and double the taste. A hectic schedule that consists of work, college (and now an internship) we usually reserve this recipe for weekends when there is more time dedicated to prep!

In saying that, should you manage to have the chicken marinated the corn and sweet potatoes cooked in advance and a bag of salad handy – there is no reason why this cannot be enjoyed on weekdays too.

The Ingredients

For the sweet potatoes…

1 large sweet potato

1 bulb of garlic

20g of melted coconut oil

Cajun seasoning ( I used gym chef for this)

For the chicken…

2 breasts/fillets

Cajun Spice (gym chef etc.)

For the sides…

Corn on the cobb


The Recipe.. but first do this

Turn on the oven. Boil the kettle. Heat a griddle pan on a low heat.

    • First cut the potatoes into large wedges then roughly chop/crush the garlic and place them in a bowl with the spices, and the oil tossing them until nicely coated. Put them onto a tray and cook on a medium heat for 45 mins (or more) depending on how you like the
    • Using roughly 1 tablespoon of the spice to coat the chicken as evenly as possible. Use as much or as little as possible. When the pan is hot enough cook the chicken without any oils on both sides for 5 minutes and then turn the heat down to low and continue to let the  chicken cook through. (15 mins in total
    • Boil the corn for 8-10 minutes then drain the water and finish on the griddle pan with the chicken to get that smokey charred flavor.
    • The salad (if your having it) is easy, just rough up some red onions peppers and cherry tomatoes finish off by mixing lemon juice, creme fraiche and spice mix up to dress the leaves.

    To add even more depth of flavor use a small knob of flavoured butter. No harm in allowing 10-20 grams melt over the chicken or corn at the very end. My personal favorite is from Aldo’s own range – jalapeรฑo chilli and lime.

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