Returning from a short hiatus bruised but stronger than before

It was never intended to stop writing and adding to this blog once the college semester began again. But just like any other human being the world got away from me and I had never actually anticipated how busy… busy… busy the previous 15+ weeks where going to be until it was to deep to climb out.

Every waking minute available was spent on researching for assignments or preparing to give a presentation, by the end of the day sitting down and having to type out recipes did not seem very appealing. 

Lots has happened in since October and yet nothing has happened. All of my time, resources and energy had gone into getting through this semester and finally reaching this moment right now – exams finished!! 

This moment is quite an eye opener – mentally exhausted and burned out but also feeling a sense relief knowing that the goal has been achieved yet, strangely enough ready to start again asap.

Starting again does not mean diving head-first into the books but rather getting back to the gym, running, cooking, writing and starting a new venture as an intern.

November/December between birthdays and Christmas it is no surprise having NOT been to the gym since October, extra weight has gathered around certain areas that needs to be shifted. Getting back into a routine will not happen overnight, however laying the foundations have already begun with evening runs during the week, stocking up on healthy foods and planning meals in advance – small changes over time lead to bigger outcomes.

Being away from something really lends a perspective. One of the main benefits of exercise and eating healthy is how it effects your mental health – which is so important as there is a tendency to get bogged down and judgements becoming all to clouded during periods of academic inducuced stress.

Having been out for a run the last few nights has reminded me of how unbelievably satisfying it is to throw on your headphones on block the world away and live in the moment. This certainly would have been advantageous during college as the pressure encouraged the fog to settle on my brain more often than not… but a few extra hours of sleep (when your a student in that mind set) trump’s all.

Either way what’s done is done, goals where achieved, lessons had been learned and although returning from this short hiatus a little bruised, definitely stronger than before.

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