FFC #15 Improper Pizza

Make the base, buy the base or use a tortilla as a base…. eaithet way it doesn’t matter. The real game changer is using improper butter as a base for the pizza.

Home Base

Simply melt half the pack in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. Then using a pastry brush, rub it all over the base. For these, I used the yellow pack (garlic) to make cheesy garlic bread. For the main event, the red pack (garlic, chilli, basil) same method applies: microwave, heat, brush, repeat until the whole base is covered. (Continued below)

On Top

Toppings are easy, whatever comes to mind out them on top. The only advice is to make sure meats and veggies are cut up into smaller pieces so they can cook evenly. Otherwise, any larger bits take longer and release water which results in a soggy bottoms. I love spicey meat feasts, and the pizza above is packed with Cajun chicken, chorizo, jalapenos, onions, mushrooms. Google your favourite pizza place and look at the menu, see what you like and create it yourself…

The Heat is on

In order for pizza to work it needs extreme heat. Traditional wood fire pizza oven reach temperatures of almost 400℃. At this heat pizza can be cooked in as little as 90 seconds.

Most of us at home do not have the luxury of a pizza oven out the back garden. Keep the heat of the oven all the up for extra crispness. If possible preheat or a pizza stone base with roughly a t-spoon of olive oil rubbed in with some kitchen paper. A medium sized tray will do if a stone base is not available.

The reason for the preheated stone is make sure the base is getting a lot of heat from the beginning so it turns crisp.

One way to guarantee avoiding a soggy bottom is to place the base onto the preheated stone for a few minutes prior to adding the toppings. But keep an eye on it, once it starts to show signs of crisping up take it out, lash on the butter, meats, veggies, cheese etc and place it back in.

(Jut to be clear, I am not affiliated with improper butter or in anyway being endorsed to promote thier product. I just really love what they make, and think you should give it a try)

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