FFC #13 Quick overnight oats

There is a certain contradiction when you hear of quick overnight oats due to the fact there is nothing remotely quick about having to wait 12+ hours to eat.

The “quick” in all of this refers to the earlier stage of preparing the oats. In order to make overnight oats more visually appealing on the eye people usually serve them in glass containers so as the different layers of oats, berries & yogurt can be seen. 

However, in order to display a layered effect the timing is essential. This is because time allows the oats and the milk to combine, the yogurt to set which makes it easier for each layer sit on top of the other. If the layers aren’t set properly then they become one big homogenized bowl of slop.

So to save time and all the messing around with waiting for this layer and that layer to set before commencing with the rest of the recipe, the following method offers a reduction in prep time while also ensuring everything still sets and tastes as nice. The only set back is having to wait overnight to dig in.

As always the nutritional content can be found on myfitnesspal by searching for feastfoodcreations.

Serves 1


60g porridge oats (kavanaghs organic oats)

40g whey protein powder (Scitec Ireland)

15g chia seeds (harvest morn)

5g raw cocoa powder (green & blacks)

200ml unsweetened almond milk (approach)

70g non- fat Greek yogurt (Liberte) 

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries (whatever quantity you decide, just be sure to add them onto myfitnesspal separately).


Combine the oats, chia, protein, cocoa together in a bowl.

Pour in the almond milk.

In a glass bowl, layer the bottom with berries, then spoon in half of the oat mixture.

Add in all of the yogurt and some more berries.

 Add the remaining oats on top

Finish with some berries and yogurt on top.

Cover and leave on the fridge over night. Then it’s ready to go.

(The next day you can have the oats as is or even sprinkle some cinnamon or drizzle a little bit of honey over the top, its Heaven!!)

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