Stronger than before – A Game of Numbers

A daunting prospect when I first received the news back in June about having to repeat an exam that I had failed. Confirmation came on the eve of our trip to Mexico, before summer could eve even begin.

At the time I brushed it under the carpet and decided to enjoy the new found freedom of school being out for summer telling myself I’ll sort it out when I got back forgetting it had everything happened.

Arriving home from holiday, there was a period of about a week that included family events and other commitments that needed to be addressed. As soon as they were out of the way it was time to get serious. 

The Big Picture

Without this exam I have no hope of progressing into my 3rd and penultimate year in college. More importantly I will loose out on a golden opportunity to start a career in order to make a living.

“Accounting is far far far away from ever being my favourite module”….sounds like something I would say regularly.

This is because I never considered myself savvy when it came to numbers, therefore I did not apply enough of an effort to maths and other numerical subjects as I should have… EVER!!

The reality is I pushed the weaker subjects to one side and focused on topics that I found to be more interesting and enjoyable such as Organisational Behaviour and Law.

I do not wish to persure a career in Accounting but having a basic understanding of the area is part of what is required for me to keep moving forward towards my goal. For now I need to suck it up and give it my best

A Game Of Numbers

Fast forward from June too now, it is mid August and the exam is now just a week away.

Repeating an exam is definitely not as bad as one may think. It could be so much worse, as in failing the entire course. 

Breaking it down – 1 repeat, 3 out of 5 questions in 2 hours. Worst case scenario (apart from failing again) I will have a better understanding of the topic because I am now in a better position with more time to focus all of my energy into this test.

During the last couple of weeks .. head stuck in the books… it dawned on me that when I sat the exam in May I had no real understanding of the questions being asked.

Through practice and repetition I have become a lot better at Accounting and feel a lot more confident going into this exam than I was in May. 

It has now become clear that there are rules to follow, it is a game of numbers and I must learn to play.

This may be the reason I suck at maths.. or at least think I do.. because I think too much about it. I over complicate the question, asking more questions of it than I am supposed too.. but what if?… why is that?.. becoming ever more hesitant to make a final decision on the answer sheet. 

Along with mixing up formulas and not taking my time to read the question until I’m a complete mess under immense pressure because the clock is ticking.

This time around, forget all about that. I will play by the rules just like I would any other game. “Learn the rules and become a master” or even just enough of a basic understanding to get a pass and hope I don’t repeat the same mistake in future.

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