FFCreations #5 Cajun Caesar

Traditionally a Caesar salad dressing is made with ingredients that combine together to create a rich creamy saltiness that I personally cannot get enough of. I love the damn stuff!! 

But all of the ingredients that go into making a good caser dressing come with a hefty price to both my shopping bill and waistline. 

The following remake of an old classic not only tastes great but costs half the price and effort to make than its predecessor because of the minimum amount of ingredients used.

This alternative is much lighter due to the high protein, low carbs/fat content unlike the original, a 1970’s style heavy dressed salad with parmesan shavings and garlic butter croutons.

For a healthier touch and convenience this method will use garlic and Cajun spice mixed with a splash of water. 

Tesco stock these amazing new flat breads which are perfect for the croutons when lightly toasted.

Make the dressing:

20g lighter than light mayonnaise

5g of Cajun spice

1 tbsp of cold water

1 garlic clove

Pinch of salt & pepper

Make the salad:

125g of cooked chicken breast

20g of feta cheese

2 lean bacon medallions

1 flatbread (Tesco)

50g (handfull) of baby spinach & lettuce

1 spring onion


Firstly, heat up a skillet or griddle pan and cool the bacon without using any oil. 

You can also toast the flatbread on the pan too if there is enough room.

Let these cool.

In the meantime begin the Cajun dressing by mixing the mayonnaise with crushed garlic, Cajun spice, water and the salt & pepper.

Roughly chop up the chicken, bacon, flat breads and salad leaves.

Put them into a big bowl and toss them in the dressing

Lastly crumble the gets cheese over the top.

That’s it, easy peasy.

This salad is so handy to make and can be made the day before which is really convenient for anyone who does not have much time in the morning.

More importantly it costs less than €10 per portion to make enough for two people for the week.

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