Staying sharp without cutting a hole in your pocket #3 Casual but ready for action

30 years on the go and still in fasion. It was one of those sleepless nights into the early hours of the morning in Mid July, laying full stretch in the bed… darkness with the TV emitting just enough of a glow that enabled me to see the only window in the bedroom was pushed open all of the way. – the air is too thick to get comfortable and I kicked the blankets off sometime around midnight.
A few doors down a house party in full swing is momentarily interrupted by flashing lights for the second time tonight. A breeze begins to creep in from the the outside, although faint, it is more than welcome.

In order to regulate some normal airflow I need to open the door just a few feet away. I ignore the commotion outside and adjust my position upright leaning across the bed I stretch out with the tips of my fingers as I manage to grip the door handle just long enough for the lock to disengage with a loud snap…..  applying enough force to ensure momentum will do the rest.

She lays on her front beside me, head sandwiched between two pillows in order to drown out the noise. Clever girl!!

As the air cools around me, voices and other noises outside echo through the night. I increase the volume of the TV as Eddie Murphy famously chuckles like a dog gasping for air. I laugh a little, having heard it many times before from her. This old girl is getting on, she’s been my pal for a long time.

Its just after 2:30am and Beverly Hills cop is on Sky +1. She must feel the cool air now, because she’s awake and moving. Probably in search of more comfortable surroundings….most likely downstairs to lay on the kitchen tiles.

More room for me as I take advantage of the extra space slouching back into my previous position. I’m a sucker for old movies and begin to focus on what’s happening onscreen.

About halfway through the film at this point when I begin to relax I notice a scene from the movie that suddenly grabs my attenion. 

There is a scene in BHC Axel and Co. under the cover of darkness illegally break into a building I’m order evidence against a suspect criminals and save the day.

During this scene the camera pans down to ground level and zooms closer in order to capture each mans feet as they tiptoe in silence so as not to be caught by guards (and create some of that 80’s dramatic effect).

It is at this moment I notice that Foley is wearing a pair of New Balance trainers. Although a different colour, the shape and style along with the logo are the exact same as the trainers being sold today.

He is wearing them with a pair of skinny jeans that are tappered (not cuffed) at the ankle and an American college football jacket.

The look is casual but ready for action…..moving forward 30 years, the style is still casual but now has a retro feel going on too.

Retro clothing seems to be fashionable for some time now. Hence the reason New Balance have made a huge comeback into the mainstream.

Many people have taken retro to new extremes to the point were they just look like whiteboy rappers.

I contemplated getting a new jacket but decided that was to far in the direction of the white rapper. I wanted to keep it up-to-date and with an urban edge.

So i opt for a light coloured loose fitted top to go with the darker jeans and a pair of trainers and try create an urban-sportswear outfit with a retro feel going on aka casual but ready for action.

New Balance trainers – having gone a year wearing them at almost every opportunity they are still in good nick and hold the same shape (even the underneath grips have some teeth left).

Not only are they light enough to feel as though walking on air, but sturdy enough so that splashing through puddles left by the rain on the way to college and keeping my cold toes dry 

They have also withstood gruelling gym sessions, hikes both up & down the sugar loaf mountain, walks on howth hill, running across hard and uneven terrains, sweaty bare feet during long summer days, the occasional night out & dropping a pot of scalding homemade curry. Splash damage was not critical but certainly to close for comfort and they still survived.

Given the mass production and very short lifespan of trainers these days I am genuinely impressed they have withstood the abuse bestowed upon them.

Not an endorsement of any brands, just my own thoughts.

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