FFCreations #4 Salted caramel protein cheese cake

Much easier than making one big gigantic cheese cake with the added benefit of when its gone its gone. No temptations to sneak downstairs at night for leftovers.

It’s easy and quick to make. Note that other flavours can be used instead of salted caramel. It just happens to be the only flavour I have right now. 

Other favours that work well are vanilla, chocolate, chocolate orange, chocolate mint, strawberry, banana and so on you get the idea – anything with chocolate and your grand!!

[I think the amount of coconut oil used is a bit much and could probably use half the amount next time]

Ingredients: makes 2

250g quark cheese

50g ground almonds

40g salted caramel protein powder 

30g melted coconut oil

20g raw chocolate powder

Additional condiments:

Raspberries & strawberries

Flaked almonds

85% Dark chocolate


Divide the coconut oil into two portions (15g each) and melt both in the microwave.

Toast the ground almonds in a pan on a low heat until golden brown (texture like Sun) and let them cool then mix in one half (15g) of the coconut oil.

Next up, mix the quark and protein powder.

In a glass or jar, spread the almonds on the bottom and press together with a spoon until compact.

Lay the raspberries on top.

Spoon over the quark.

Lay the strawberries on top.

Mix the remaining coconut oil with the chocolate powder and then spoon it over the top.

Smash up the dark chocolate and sprinkle on top along with some flaked almonds.

Leave in the fridge until ready to devour.

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