Stronger than before #3 no secret formula

Hard work and good nutrition. For me thats all that’s too it. I’m not a PT with any qualifications of the sort.

The only experience I have is a background cooking in a professional kitchen combined with an interest in staying fit and active.

I tend not to follow fad diets like paleo or vegan and remain open to every kind of food. The main thing for me is to hit my daily protein, carbohydrates, fats while also being flexible enough to enjoy something nice too.

When it comes to information regarding diets, training and nutrition I usually try and find sources from those in the fitness industry that have been academically approved (Rather than some celebrity toe rag opinion who’s only interested in the money and fame).

Although the information obtained from books and online is very valuable YouTube and podcasts are also aslo great ways to learn more and pick up new ideas. 

No fancy supplements, fat burners or weight gains. Just solid consistent graft with a healthy balanced diet, keeping everything in moderation which suits my lifestyle and level of activity.

In addition, remembering that it’s not a one size fits all,vat times programs and food intake need to be individually tailored is important in order to be flexible.

Simplicity is key in order for me to stay on track with nutrition. Training and eating real food should improve a persons life, not become a hindrance. 

Personally I find when my activity levels decline my sleep, mood, appetite, motivation all go to shite. So I try to keep it consistent which means keeping it simple and not getting to caught up in the finer details. 

As the saying goes – trust the process.

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