Stronger than before #2 getting back on track

Nearly a week since trying to back into a normal routine has had its ups and downs. I had the gym program and a fridge full of food so the focus of the week was to:

  • Prepare ALL meals in advance
  • Gym at least four times
  • Count marcos
  • Daily 2.2 litres of water 
  • Sleep 7+ each night

The reality with work and studying for an exam in August looming things got a little shook up.

The reality:

  • Meals prep only lasted me until Friday (5/7 days is good for the first week back)
  • Gym will only be 3 times this week ( with 1 or 2 low sessions of low intensity walking in the fresh air)
  • Went over on my macros on Friday (blame Star Trek)
  • Plenty of water
  • Lots of sleep

All in all I’m happy with how the week went.

I wasnt expecting to pick up exactly were I left off. Mostly because I knew:

  1. The first week back is always hard. 
  2. That too much at once will most likely result in failure and leave me feeling miserable.
  3. We are all human and therefore mistakes are made.
  4. Regimented routines and restrictions suck  (enjoy what you do, live in the moment and adjust to suit your needs)

My main focus was a guideline of what I wanted to achieve during the week. Regardless of success or failure I would accept what happens and move on.

I gave it my best and stuck to about 75% of my original focus. Most importantly it was an enjoyable (even post leg day) and productive week and it didn’t feel as if  there where any restrictions in terms of food. 

Sunday will consist of going the gym, food shopping, cooking and making a plan and a new focus for the week ahead. Then head out for the rest of the day and get some fresh air by the coast. 

By aiming to improve on what I started at the beginning of this week the result is to become stronger than before by getting back on track one step at a time and not over complicating the process.


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