Staying sharp without cutting a hole in your pocket #2 27℃ with rain

The Scenario

Hot, humid and wet!! Rainforest conditions are most definitely among us this week. For many that means not having a clue what clothes to wear, myself included.

Do I take the risk of wearing light clothing and getting drenched if it rains? Or risk the extra layer and STILL get soaked in my own sweat? The solution?… I suppose it means finding a common ground of the two evils.

Something that is light and breathable but enough to stay dry should the heavens decide to open.

After breakfast I walk back upstairs and begin to think if it rains I’ll just step indoors, anywhere will do, probably Easons and read a few magazines from the shelf and leave once it stops.

The Outfit

Jacket €40 H&M

Jeans €25 River Island

T Shirt €2.50 Penneys

Runners €10 Penneys

Sun Glasses €1.50 Penneys

I bought the jacket in H&M about 3 years ago and wore it twice. The reason being that I swapped jeans for chinos and it didn’t go so well with the latter.

Now that I have a nice pair of (not to tight) skinny jeans I decided to give the jacket another shot.

White t-shirt is from penneys along with the runners.

Finished the look with brown sunnies, brown belt and a brown strap citizen watch.

Perfect for getting around town in the heat and versatile enough so that if it gets really sunny just take the jacket off and roll up the ankles.

2 thoughts on “Staying sharp without cutting a hole in your pocket #2 27℃ with rain”

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