FFCreations #1 Next in line to the throne 👑

Hands down a good steak (with or without all the trimmings) wins the title as the king of food. However, next in succession is its younger sibling “the burger”.

Made properly, these mouth wathering creations are packed with lots of flavour and are much more forgiving if overcooked.

In addition, good quality minced meat is not going to break the bank either compared to a decent sized ribeye or fillet. Of course steaks are great IF you can afford to buy one nebermivd teo every night of the week AND give it the attention it deserves to cook it properly.

Efficient food shopping should be about getting good value for your money, feeding on more for less and using fresh healthy ingredients.

On average, one 8oz fillet will cost €9 and will feed one, whereas you can buy double the amount of mince and still pay less without sacrificing great taste. [when you factor in the cost of buns, cheese etc the cost is more although these should be part of the weekly shop anyway]

On average:

– Steak 8oz =225g = 0.5lb = €9

– Mince 16oz = 453g = 1lb = €4

The same applies when eating out. Burgers are always going to be that bit cheaper on the menu and they taste just as good as a prime hunk of meat.

I always go for a burger when eating out. I really do enjoy when they arrive with cheese, bacon, mustard, pickles and served in a soft but crispy bun and accompanied with some fries and garlic mayo. It’s an awesome combo!!

Although a juicy steak remains the crown jewel of food heaven for some, there is no denying that with the increasing amount of burger chains operating successfully around the city the Burger has become a close contender for the crown, falling just short sitting next in line to the throne but definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Happy eating,


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